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What's New in the TradeWinds Emporium

Our intrepid buyers travel the globe to keep our emporium of handcrafted goods fully stocked with unique items. Come visit us to see our unbelievable collection of hand-carved furniture, beautiful jewelry and textiles, and other artisan crafts from around the world.

African Elephant SculptureAfrican Art

Our buyers are just back from Africa with our largest selection ever of African masks, carvings, and textiles.

Come see the diversity of this stunning selection, representing many African cultures.

World Bead Collection

Looking for the perfect beads to finish your project?

You won't believe our beautiful collection of beads from every corner of the globe. Featuring both new and vintage designs.


While it's true we have a storehouse of exotic items from far-flung cultures, we love to feature American handicrafts, too. Just in is a selection of hand-stitched Kentucky quilts and amazing hammered dulcimers.

Visit the Museum of the American Quilter's Society to learn more about Kentucky Quilts.

Other Items

The items listed above are just a small sample of the fine items we carry in our store. You can also find:


Our Prices

While our products are of the highest quality, we have something for every budget. So be sure to stop in and spend some time with us.